City Ordinances and Budgets

All City of Somerville Ordinances are maintained in City Hall by the City Secretary, as required by law. Any citizen may request a complete, signed copy of a city ordinance at City Hall. The information on this page consists of the text of the ordinance, and is provided only as an informational resource for the public. Anyone with questions about these or any other city ordinances or city regulations should contact City Hall during normal business hours.

Ordinance No. 13-003 – Mobile Homes and Manufactured Home

Ordinance No. 13-002 – Oil and Gas Drilling

Ordinance No. 12-007 – Dangerous Buildings and Structures

Ordinance No. 12-006 – Animal Control Regulations

Ordinance No. 12-005 – Building Codes

Ordinance No. 12-002 – Nuisance Codes

City of Somerville Annual budget 2016-2017



The City of Somerville, Texas